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Sample Job Descriptions

A job description is your primary vehicle for announcing an open position to external and internal candidates, and is a valuable tool for finding the person best suited for your organization's needs. Investing the time and effort in writing a strong job description will enable your organization to accurately articulate an employment opportunity to potential candidates. With our 'Sample Job Descriptions' tool, you can:

  • Choose from our comprehensive library of over 900 sample job descriptions. (Note that each sample job description is intended to be a starting point, and likely will need to be tailored to meet the particular needs of your organization.)
  • Review national, state, and regional salary data for a particular job description.
  • Review the basic skills needed for a particular job description (other skills, such as problem solving skills, computer skills, tasks, work activities, and much more, are generated depending on the job).
  • Print, email, or save the information in Word or as a PDF.



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