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Communicating Employee Resignations

If an employee leaves the company and his or her departure is marked by some sort of "going away" event, e.g., lunch or celebration, there may be no need to make a formal announcement about the departure. A simple note in a company newsletter or the like may be enough, or a simple announcement advising of the employee's last day.

However, if an employee is terminated or resigns in lieu of being discharged, the employer should act quickly to manage communication and dispel rumors related to the departure.

Whom to Notify

If the company is organized by clearly defined departments, the employer should first address the staff in the departing employee's department. If the organization is small, the employer may wish to address the entire staff at once.

Although more personal communication is usually preferable, in a large organization, it may be necessary and appropriate to send an email informing the staff of an employee's departure.

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